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World Federation of Healing

Celebrating Excellence in Healing & Caring

We are an umbrella body supporting Healers, Healing associations and Carers, registered as a social enterpise.

Carers, Healers, and Healing Associations or groups are a vital part of the voluntary sector both in the UK and Internationally.

We are aware many Healers are using Healing in Innovative and ground breaking ways within Healthcare settings. Our mission is to support all of these amazing people in their efforts to make the world better place, we will do this by: - .

  • Raising Funds for Carers and Healers
  • Supporting, promoting and respecting the needs of all Healers
  • Developing tailored support schemes for Associations, Individual Healers and informal Groups
  • Supplying up to date information affecting all Healers from Government departments, Private Sector Agencies, Charity Commission news and other Sources
  • Representing Healers in the Political process
  • Creating effective, flexible, innovative, and modular based Training Schemes
  • Develop personalised support services for the individual Healer who works alone or does not have a local support group
  • Honouring the Spiritual Values inherent within Healing practice
  • Seeking at all times to build excellence into our systems, values and professional fields of expertise

Professional Occupation Member
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Volunteer Healer
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Gold Friend of the WFH
Our Price: £40.00

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