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Volunteer Healer Professional Occupation Member
Volunteer Healer
Our Price: £30.00
Professional Occupation Member
Our Price: £78.00 Inc VAT

Fully Trained Volunteer Membership

This membership level is for full (professionally) trained Healers who treat or offer Healing to members of the public free of charge or for donations given on a charitable basis. You will be fully insured through the WFH.

  • Free Insurance
  • Membership Certificate Level Two
  • Newsletter
  • Individually Tailored Training Programmes
  • Eligibility for Project Funding
  • Representation within Parliament
  • Membership of National Healing network
  • Recognition of Voluntary Healing work
  • Opportunity to join research programmes
  • Discounted entry to workshops.
  • Certificated CPD programme
  • Discount on product lines
Eligibility Criteria
  • Be 18 years of age
  • Sign a declaration to confirm your Healing activity is of a voluntary nature.
  • Provide 2 proofs of identity one of which must be photographic.
  • Provide proof of training with an organisation accredited by the WFH.
  • Proof of association membership if a member of an association
  • Be willing to undergo a CRB check if necessary
  • Agree to abide by WFH policies, code of conduct and volunteer agreement

Professional Occupation Membership 

This package is designed for those Healers who practice Healing as their vocation and full time employment. Be that on a fully paid or mixed paid and voluntary basis.  We recognise that although the act of Healing does not necessarily differ between groups of Healers, the demands on them made by their working practice often does; the needs of Professionally employed Healers differ from Voluntary sector Healers and this is reflected in the type of support required by both groups.   

  • Tailored support programmes
  • Representation within Parliament and Government Agencies
  • Membership of National Healing network
  • Recognition of Healing activities
  • Opportunity to design and participate in research programmes
  • Discounted entry to workshops.
  • Certificated record to CPD programme
  • Membership certificate.  
  • Photo ID Badge
  • Specialised Modular based Training for Healthcare environments
  • Certificated CPD Record
  • Newsletter
  • Discounted Training Programmes
  • Opportunity to attend and participate in WFH exhibitions
  • Eligibility for Project Funding
  • Opportunity be involved in developing a new organisation 
  • Promotion and Marketing of your Healing Practice
  • Discounted entry to workshops.
  • National and International Networking opportunities 
  • Personalised development programmes and specialised coaching at discounted rates.
  • Public Speaking opportunities
  • Opportunities to become a WFH registered Tutor

Eligibility Criteria  
  • Be 18 years of age
  • Sign a declaration to confirm your Healing activity is of a Professionally employed nature. 
  • Proof of association membership if a member of an association
  • Proof of Completed Training Programme in Healing by an accredited Association* (Acceptable proof will be one of the following a certificate of competency, membership card, or letter from association confirming training completed)
  • Provide 2 Proofs of Identity from the following list (Photo ID Copy of Driving licence, Passport, Transport Pass and Utility Bill all registered at current address) 
  • *2 referees who must be existing Healers of a recognised or accredited organisation
  • Be willing to undergo a CRB check
  • CV of practice history and practice address details
  • Continuous Professional Development Record or Log from previous year 
  • Have been practising for a minimum of 3 years 
  • Registration details of relevant regulation Authority if registered with one
  • Proof of Professional Indemnity and Public Liability Insurance or be willing to be insured through World Federation recommended Insurers (60% Discount on membership fee applies if you have secured your own insurance separately)
  • Proof of qualifications gained  outside Complementary therapy
* We reserve the right to take up references where supporting documentation is not sufficient 

Where an applicant has not been enrolled in CPD programme or fails to meet some of the criteria above we reserve the right to admit at our discretion on a probationary period subject to agreement of a development plan to address the relevant issues