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This section categorises the many different styles and modalities of Healing. Our core mission in relation to training is to provide an accurate and independently verifiable source of information of the current status, quality and level of the many different accreditation schemes open to Healers today. We are currently developing a Matrix tool for the evaluation of training pathways open to Healers. We welcome any approach from any training provider or regulator who wishes to collaborate in this work and can add to this database of training schemes and courses. We are aware there are many conflicting claims and confusing descriptions of Healing courses. This makes it difficult for those who wish to train as a Healer and those who would seek to offer opportunities to Healers on either a voluntary or employed basis. This area of the website is constantly being updated and changed if you have any information that will assist in the mapping and description of the many different training styles, standards, schemes and courses available to Healers please contact us. All contributions will be publicly acknowledged only with the full agreement of the contributor.