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Due to the wide and varied nature of Training within Complementary Therapies ascertaining the quality of training a practitioner has undertaken is challenging. The following factors are taken into account by the WFH when assessing the quality and reliability of training schemes undertaken from various training organisations.
  1. Does the training scheme undertaken produce a qualification registered on the QCF Framework ? 
  2. Does the relevant therapy have a National Occupational Standard on the NOS framework
  3. Is their an Awarding Organisation(s) / Training Provider(s) for the relevant therapy registered with Ofqual and Ofsted. 
  4. Where the Therapy does have a NOS has the relevant therapy agreed a common National Curriculum that meets the NOS for that particular therapy?
  5. Where a therapy is represented by a NOS and a commonly agreed National Curriculum does the therapy have a single national umbrella body that can demonstrate to the WFH it is of appropriate quality and represents all the members of its profession?
  6. Where (4) has been met is the training provider on the Professions register of approved or accredited training agencies.        
  7. Where a Training agency is not accredited under the above system criteria then the WFH will seek to ascertain the quality of the course material undertaken and validity of the accreditation attained. 
  8. The WFH already have a register of associations whose training materials are known to correspond to the Healing NOS, new entrants will be assessed against the relevant WFH criteria to ensure the public is safe when choosing a WFH practitioner.
  9. Further work is under way to ascertain suitability of other qualifications for the WFH Accreditation Matrix
  10. If you are a Trainer please don`t hesitate to contact us so we can assess the quality of training offered and the number of credits we can assign to it.   
We have an extensive knowledge and library of which training providers meet our criteria which is being updated constantly. Please don`t hesitate to contact us to discuss your query. All material is dealt with confidentially and if non disclosure agreements or exclusivity agreements are required to be signed before we examine course materials we are happy to accommodate this.

Where training materials are encountered that may enhance or improve our own Training Manuals we will not use such material without prior written agreement of the producer, and if that is forthcoming it is our policy to appropriately acknowledge the source of all material. Appropriate licensing fees will be met where necessary.