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Jackie Barber - Principal

The Healing Foundation is a member of the World Federation of Healing. It is a non-denominational, well-established provider of Healing and Healer Training. Providing personalised Healing to a wide variety of clients they have developed an excellent reputation for customer service and well trained healers. Clients range from those just seeking a natural recharge of their batteries to those suffering from life changing illnesses and long term chronic health conditions. Having grown under the inspired guidance, hard work, and devotion of Maralyn Tamblin and Ewart Bowkett they have now handed over to a new leader, Jackie Barber who will continue to build on the last 20 years work. Jackie is a Healer and highly trained complementary therapist with many years’ experience, she joined THF five years ago with a clear vision of making healing ever more widely available. THF has a number of Healing and training groups nationwide who are proud of their flexible and forward thinking approach. The Healing Foundation has many strong links into communities around the country; their main training centre is currently at Age UK Milton Keynes who are happy to endorse the ground-breaking work they have pioneered in Milton Keynes.

Having now grown to over 100 volunteer and professional Healers alike, THF are developing new ways of bringing healing to those who find it increasingly relevant and a great support in today’s world. With training centres in Essex, South Bucks, Cambridge, Shrewsbury, Wales, and Blackpool, they are well positioned for future developments in Healing and Health and Social Care. Additional locations for training are under consideration in the near future. THF believe that Student Healers who wish to work with the general public, should be provided with as much information as possible and encouraged, supported and guided by their Trainers to enable them to feel confident about their ability. Recognising that not everyone wants to work with the general public they also facilitate a short course in Healing techniques for those who wish to learn enough to give healing to family and friends, thereby catering for all levels of ability or desire. They are fully committed to providing highly professional training which meets the current National Occupational Standards for Healing.

For further information or to contact the THF go to their website TheHealingFoundation