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The Angels of Harmony are based in Glasgow and serve Spiritualist Churches and Community Halls, they serve Airdrie, Maryhill, ands Riddrie, areas. Founded by Jac Coleman from a small group of 4 Healers, they have expanded to over 40 members and continue to grow going from strength to strength. With their strong community roots, well thought of Healers and naturally empathic approach they are in constant demand. The association they are building is well placed to continue providing care and support for those who are facing challenges. With a healthy body of students and a keen interest in ensuring Healers are well trained Jac is open to enquiries from any one in the Glasgow area that wishes to either discuss training as a Healer, provide Healing services if they are appropriately trained or just wish to support the work they are doing. In addition to providing general Healing services they are experienced in working with Stress, Depression, Dementia, Alcohol and Substance Abuse and other major life challenges. To contact Jac e-mail jac_coleman@hotmail.co.uk