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JENNIE PARKE MATHESON - White Wave Therapies
Jennie began her career as a stage manager; working in theatre, opera & ballet before moving into Arts Administration to become more instrumental in the overall planning and delivery of live performance. She then moved sideways into the high-flying world of Corporate Event Production.
Experience in both the performing arts and corporate worlds meant she was dealing, every day, with a variety of sometimes challenging personalities which started her on her journey toward the world of therapy.
In the 1980s many friends and colleagues struggled with HIV and AIDS. She became a carer for one of her closest friends who was critically ill and discovered through that experience she had the ability to help people help themselves. This opened a new chapter in her life and she joined The Terrence Higgins Trust as a volunteer - effectively finding a balance from the then extravagance of the corporate industry. Jennie worked in several capacities at THT over a 6 year period, including co-managing the North London Buddy group, devising & running a series of educational workshops for secondary school pupils and lobbying for adequate funding for vital medical research.
The next - and final - part of her journey came several years later. Having met a psychologist who was also a Healer, Jennie received Healing for the first time - and the experience really connected with her. Looking further into energy work and its associated therapies, she decided to enrol with a diverse and stimulating training organisation - and two years later qualified as a Healer herself.
To augment her "hands free" energy work she studied Chakra Psychology; on advice from a reputed crystal therapist self-taught herself Crystal Therapy - the two are deeply intertwined - and explored Feng Shui, Dowsing and Earth Healing.
To expand and build her therapeutic "tool box" Jennie decided to add "touch" therapies - aware of a need for greater physical contact for some of her clients, in addition to her energy healing work. She trained and qualified in Deep Tissue Massage, then gradually added Hot Stone Massage, Pregnancy Massage and Indian Head Massage to her repertoire.
Jennie established White Wave - Jennie means white wave, white spirit - in 2008 and has been practising as a holistic healer/massage therapist ever since.
Jennie is also a qualified Massage in Schools Instructor (running peer massage workshops in primary schools) and recently became a volunteer at the Royal Free Hospital in Hampstead, working with vulnerable adults.
White Wave has recently developed its new learning arm – Hands-On Training. In collaboration with Earle Abrahamson, a highly reputed sports therapist and trainer/tutor, Hands-On offers a series of workshops designed to support healers and therapists of all kinds once training and qualification has been completed – and the development & training in healing and meditation work for those interested in joining the profession.
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