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As part of the development of the WFH, it is partnering in the development of a Holistic Croft in the fabulous Isle of Skye. It will explore, share and develop the ideas of permaculture, Healing, community and sustainable living from the ground up. The croft named EaglesCreek is currently under development and this blog page will follow the trials and tribulations of this project as we begin the journey of nurturing the 20 acres of land, building a home and running sustainable business on the land.

We intend to follow the principles of building with recycled and sustainable materials wherever possible and develop a horticultural project that reflects both the family and organisational goals. He had hoped to establish Merlin's Healing House here but due to the level of interest shown in the idea both positive and negative it has been decided this is not the best place to site it – it is clear we need a bigger site although Healing facilities may still be provided within the facilities that we create, they are more likely to be intimate and discrete. Inspired by support shown from elsewhere in the wider Skye community this project has made it clear we will need a much bigger site, and the hunt is on, whilst we have identified several suitable spots this project is of an order of magnitude bigger and will be revealed much more gently, so the larger Merlin’s Healing House Healing centre will be created elsewhere on Skye in a bigger and better location that can cater for bigger numbers of visitors. To follow progress of the croft on Facebook click here for Eaglescreek Croft and here for Merlin’s Healing House

Pictured below is the actual site in summer and winter