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MK Healing Association

MK Healing Association is a new membership and training organisation for both student and accredited healers in the Milton Keynes area (which includes Buckinghamshire, Northamptonshire, and Bedfordshire). The Principal, Maralyn Tamblin launched it in September 2013. It is a volunteer based, non-denominational organisation and its aim is to promote the benefits of healing as well as providing high quality training. MK Healing Association’s training material is accredited by the World Federation of Healing, of which MK Healing Association is a member.

Its Principal Maralyn Tamblin was a registered trainer with the Healer Practitioner Association International (H.P.A.I) for many years before joining The Healing Foundation (THF) – a nationwide organisation - as a trainer in 1997. In 2006, she established the Milton Keynes Training Centre when she became THF Principal. She resigned that post in April 2013 to concentrate on developing Mk Healing Association, which concentrates on training healers locally, as well as running the Saturday Wellbeing Centre, at Peartree Bridge, Milton Keynes. The Centre provides clients with a variety of therapies, at affordable prices, as well as offering healing to a range of clients. Maralyn is a registered Healer-Counsellor and is very interested in all forms of healing but particularly healing with words and mind healing. MK Healing Association prefers to operate on a voluntary basis ensuring that well trained healers can offer healing to all those in need. All MK Healing Association healers have themselves benefited from the effects of healing and wish to give something back. Maralyn also offers high standard, weekly healer training sessions at affordable prices..

For further information visit their website: MK HEALING ASSOCIATION and thier healing centre Saturday wellbeing centre

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Telephone 07914 722 691