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Discovering  & discerning common approaches in Healing practice

Whilst Healing has its roots in ancient history it has undergone a radical change in recent decades. Simple long standing cultural descriptions of Healing techniques have been joined by a bewildering variety of names, styles and approaches. These approaches often claim to be either new, rediscovered, divinely inspired, channelled from guides or celestial beings or developed by gifted teachers from existing techniques and teachings and taught as unique stand alone approaches. 
This can be and often is confusing for the consumer and or trainee healer when they are attempting to work out which approach is best for their needs or study and or which particular method is efficacious. We list the various forms above and seek to include descriptions taken from the original source if possible of the particular variety referred to, along with links to the relevant source websites. 
We will be researching these modalities further over time to determine which meet the National Occupational Standards for Healing and Reiki as defined by the UK Government Agency Skills for Health. At this time any description we carry should be treated with due caution, we do not claim these are definitive descriptions and for the latest advice and guidance on using or describing each of these techniques the relevant parent organisation should be contacted directly.
We will also work with the relevant umbrella organisations, trade associations, Teaching Schools or Individuals Teachers who are interested or work at setting the standards in each relevant approach. We aim to discover or agree a defined common standard description for each approach that member practitioners agree on and abide by. We will take an evidenced approach where a lead body claims a majority of support for its description of its techniques or modality amongst its member practitioners of a particular way, style or technique. 
If you are a member of a particular umbrella body, governing council, owner of a therapy, practitioner of a technique or have an academic interest in this work; and you are aware of any interested party that is in possession of information that will assist us in mapping the differing approaches and styles in Healing; we would like to hear from you. Our intention is to offer visitors to our site and members of our organisation a robust well researched and evidence based description of each technique or style of Healing.