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  • The Optimum Cure and Care Association (TOCCA) is a Membership and Training Professional Body Association with a Register of Certified and Insured Practitioners for Islamic Holistic Health care.
  • TOCCA has been also established to provide a high standard of comprehensive training in the field of Islamic complementary and Alternative Health care.
  • TOCCA value and promote diversity of Islamic Holistic health care, with particular promotion and development of Al-Hijama as a form of Islamic Complementary and Alternative Medicine.
  • TOCCA have been assigned by the General Regulatory Council for Complementary Therapies (GRCCT) as training provider for Holistic Al-Hijama in the UK.
  • We believe that we are able to help the public and health care professions to realise that Islamic Holistic health care is a practicable and highly desirable form of healthcare when delivered safely and ethically protect the public.
  • TOCCA will have a register of certified and insured practitioners who have been trained to a high standard and have professional indemnity insurance cover
  • Members of the TOCCA are all bound by a code of conduct and standards of expertise that is in line with NOS, UK policies and laws as well as established professional ethical conduct guidelines.
  • The TOCCA members are dedicated to representing "the professional aspect of the Islamic Complementary and Alternative Medicine and by promoting research, education and knowledge in the field within a viable and highly desirable form of healthcare.